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Kindness Matters

NICE PEOPLE CAN’T BE TRUSTED! “Wait, what? Holding doors open and helping old ladies across the street doesn’t make me untrustworthy!” You’re right it doesn’t, but neither does it make you nice. It makes you a kind person.  There is a big difference between nice and kind.  Today let’s explore these differences and how there is…


” I KNOW THAT IN EMBARKING ON NONVIOLENCE I SHALL BE RUNNING WHAT MIGHT BE TERMED A MAD RISK.  BUT THE VICTORIES OF TRUTH HAVE NEVER BEEN WON WITHOUT RISKS”.    ~GANDHI~ I know quoting Gandhi is a little cliche but I wanted to start with it because in this statement we can see how non violence is inherently intertwined with…

About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa. A full time healthcare professional and long time yoga student, I became a yoga instructor in 2018 to deepen my practice. Like many of you I started doing yoga for the physical benefits but soon realized yoga was like an iceberg and the physical practice was just the tip. In my blog I hope to delve deeper into yoga and what it really means.

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