Seeing is Believing

It seems as though modern culture has been too smart for its own good.  Despite a deep collective knowledge of the life force we all possess, Science has dismissed the concept of subtle energies and the chakras as superstitious nonsense. Why? because modern science has been unable to detect, quantify or catalogue some of life’s most mysterious yet most obvious elements. 

If seeing is believing, then we have all been blind.  The mind, consciousness, our ability to become aware is no less real despite our inability to quantify it.  For a long time now these things sort of got balled up, tossed aside or brushed off.

Science has taken an almost don’t ask don’t tell approach to the concept of consciousness. Shrugging their shoulders and pretending, as far as they can, as though it doesn’t exist .

Everyone is aware of awareness but because we haven’t quite been able to put our finger on it, modern society has largely dismissed its existence.  Our obsession with the tangible has left us disconnected & ignorant of ourselves.

Until now….  

Beginning in the 1980’s in response to her father’s cancer diagnosis, the brilliant research scientist Dr. Candace Pert and her colleagues helped to catch modern science up to ancient speed.  

Her team discovered the truth of ancient wisdoms and successfully mapped and catalogued the physical evidence for the entire world to see. She has presented irrefutable evidence of the body’s ability to heal itself, thusly contributing significantly to treatments for diseases such as cancer and HIV.

She identified the basic mechanism that every cell and system in the body, including thought patterns, emotions, memory storage and the immune system, run on. And by doing so demonstrated that we all have the ability to self heal, manifest our dreams and achieve our highest potentials through intention.  Everything we need is already inside of us, it just needs to be unlocked. 

“I believe that these “molecules of emotion” that Dr. Pert discovered are the  “subtle energy, prana or chi” that ancient healers have been referring to since 500 B.C.”


Think of a cell as a computer.  Information goes in, work comes out. On the surface of every cell are thousands of different receptors, each only responsive to a specific messenger. These chemical messengers are called ligands. Like a lock and key specific receptors only respond to their specific ligand which in turn elicits a specific response from the cell.

When a match is made the messenger is allowed to enter the cell through the receptor to deliver its message and cause the cell to work or change accordingly. Every system in the body works this way.  Including thought, the basis for memory storage and the immune system. The significance in this process lies in the fact that collective microscopic cell function can translate into big changes that effect the entire organism, including physical processes, behavior, emotional states and even memory.

Dr. Candace Pert catalogued and mapped these mechanisms, identifying a bi-directional network that spans every inch of the human body. She dubbed this network of receptors and ligands as “Molecules of emotion. And very interestingly, the receptor dense areas of the body, responsible for emotions, memory, cognition and the immune system match up identically with illustrations of the 7 major chakras.

Coincidence? I think not. I believe that these “molecules of emotion” that Dr. Pert discovered are the  “subtle energy, prana or chi” that ancient healers have been referring to since 500 B.C. With her paradigm shifting research she inadvertently confirmed ancient wisdoms that have been dismissed as superstitious nonsense by millions for thousands of years.

The hard evidences that she has provided has afforded modern society a proper appreciation of the inseparable influences the mind and body have over one another and further more that they are in fact one. Two indistinguishable halves of a single bi-directional network that is a living being.

Because of the bidirectional nature of this network, unconscious feelings can be brought into consciousness through intention. Meaning that the mind can heal the body. And the body can heal the mind through the power of intention. Intention is why people who have been told they will never walk again do. It’s also why those who believe themselves doomed are and why a sense of humor in the cancer ward goes farther then the chemo ever could.

This is such powerful stuff guys. As humans we can literally speak reality into existence! Think about that will you. And the next time you feel stuck, overwhelmed or run down know that you have the power to manifest your dreams.

Before I leave you a quick little exercise to illustrate my point.

Imagine for a moment biting into a wedge of lemon, freshly cut and dripping with citrusy goodness….

Did your mouth water? Or maybe you noticed that involuntary twinge at the back of your mouth just as if you had actually bitten into that imaginary lemon?

If so, can you see now how powerful intention is? Intention brought forth memory and memory elicited a physical response. Intention is so powerful! Just think, if you can intentionally make your salivary glands secrete what else might you be able to do through intention?

Achieving your highest potential isn’t about becoming something new but about discovering what you already are. 

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