How Do You See It?

There’s no arguing it. Albert Einstein was a pretty smart guy. (understatement of the century) But did you know that a major part of his creative process was meditation and his deep fascination with the seemingly ordinary?

He called them thought experiments. He would sit for hours mentally chasing beams of light or employing the movement of trains and flashes of lightning, in the case of his theory of relativity, fleshing out some of the greatest scientific principles man kind has ever seen.

He revolutionized physics. And whether he was aware of it at the time or not, (he called his cosmological constant his “greatest blunder” lol) his equations opened up possibilities in the universe as though he were a sorcerer conjuring spells.

While his work in physics took him places most could never even dream of it all started with a simple observation of a very ordinary object.

A compass.

While the rest of us were busy taking gravitational forces for granted he saw a phenomenon of inexplicable value. And it was this fascination of an ordinary everyday occurrence that led him to eventually make his most iconic discoveries, changing man kind and how we interact with the universe.

My question to you then is, what are some of the things you take for granted? And what might you be missing out on because of it? If you were to take a moment to sit with something simple and inquire deeply into it, what extraordinary phenomena might the ordinary reveal to you?

Look around you today, right now, and I’ll do the same. And let’s discover together the secrets of the universe.

A flower petal could change your life, were you able to truly understand its nature. See the wonder in all things and wonderful things will happen.

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