The Secret to Handling Stress

You want to know the secret to effectively handling stress?  The secret to handling stress is taking responsibility for ourselves. 

Or more specifically acknowledging that how we feel is a choice and taking it upon ourselves to see the positive.  

Now, I know a lot of people will say bad stuff happens and I can’t control how that makes me feel or act.  But the truth is that while you have no control over a specific event, say a natural disaster? You do have the power to decide how you will respond to it. And in that choice all the difference is made.

For those that live in the blame space; “they made me angry, there is never enough time, the earthquake ruined my life”. Their lives often seem out of control, scary or hopeless. They spend a lot of time overwhelmed and upset when faced with a challenge.

And it’s no surprise. Because when we place blame we give the person or circumstance control over our lives.  Blaming gives our power away but acknowledging our own part in the play takes that power back.

Only by taking responsibility for our feelings, our circumstances do we have any real control over our lives. Instead of blaming the clock for ticking and not getting our work in on time we can, for example, reevaluate our processes develop better time management and make our deadlines.

By taking responsibility, we become capable problem solvers and therefore when presented with a difficult situation can competently navigate our way to a solution rather then becoming overwhelmed and bogged down in negativity.

Taking responsibility allows us to take life in stride, handle our problems more easily and navigate life’s many challenges with confidence and grace.

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