Kunda – what- ee?


Officially my new favorite thing. It’s funky, it’s weird, it works!

Basically a moving meditation, this practice concentrates on activating and releasing the energy of the chakras or energy centers of the body. Beginning at the sacrum and moving upwards to just above the crown of the head, this practice acts to remove emotional blockages allowing us to access the various chakras and their energies.  When energy can flow freely we can engage fully with these energy centers and enlightenment is obtainable.

For some this might sound ridiculous.  Vocabulary like enlightenment and chakras sound like a bunch of hokey B/S.  Right? 

Well, let me sing you the same song to a different tune….

In her revolutionary research Dr. Candace Pert discovered the use of neuropeptides and their role in controlling the body’s  autonomic systems as well as memory creation and storage on the cellular level throughout the entire  body.  She found that when emotions are blocked by stress, denial, trauma or repression it prevents the flow of neuropeptides and diminishes the autonomic processes that are regulated by them.  This results in any number of problems with blood pressure, digestion, immunity, behavior etc..  Thus she demonstrated the significant role our feelings play in our health as well as our behavioral response to sensory input.  A collapse in just a few simple feedback loops can upset the entire body and disrupt our health and behavior.

Now, it may just be the coincidence of the millennia but when Dr. Pert mapped out the neuropeptide receptor dense areas along the spine responsible for receiving, storing and recalling emotions, she found that it matched perfectly with those of the chakras described by yoga masters for thousands of years. 

I, personally, don’t believe in coincidences. and instead see it as empirical evidence corroborating a story that until now we had only circumstantial evidence for.  Like detectives uncovering the smoking gun, Dr. Pert has put forth the physical evidence corroborating, “my clients story your honor”!  Whether you call it divine energy or neuropeptides, emotions affect/ control our health and behavior!

Two different languages, one simple Truth.  The mind and body are parts of the same whole, each affecting the other in a symbiotic relationship.  A process, if cultivated, we can consciously impact. 

Screw the apple! A smile a day keeps the doctor away!

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