Seeing is Believing

It seems as though modern culture has been too smart for its own good.  Despite a deep collective knowledge of the life force we all possess, Science has dismissed the concept of subtle energies and the chakras as superstitious nonsense. Why? because modern science has been unable to detect, quantify or catalogue some of life’s most mysterious yet most obvious elements. 

If seeing is believing, then we have all been blind.  The mind, consciousness, our ability to become aware is no less real despite our inability to quantify it.  For a long time now these things sort of got balled up, tossed aside or brushed off.

Science has taken an almost don’t ask don’t tell approach to the concept of consciousness. Shrugging their shoulders and pretending, as far as they can, as though it doesn’t exist .

Everyone is aware of awareness but because we haven’t quite been able to put our finger on it, modern society has largely dismissed its existence.  Our obsession with the tangible has left us disconnected & ignorant of ourselves.

Until now….  

Beginning in the 1980’s in response to her father’s cancer diagnosis, the brilliant research scientist Dr. Candace Pert and her colleagues helped to catch modern science up to ancient speed.  

Her team discovered the truth of ancient wisdoms and successfully mapped and catalogued the physical evidence for the entire world to see. She has presented irrefutable evidence of the body’s ability to heal itself, thusly contributing significantly to treatments for diseases such as cancer and HIV.

She identified the basic mechanism that every cell and system in the body, including thought patterns, emotions, memory storage and the immune system, run on. And by doing so demonstrated that we all have the ability to self heal, manifest our dreams and achieve our highest potentials through intention.  Everything we need is already inside of us, it just needs to be unlocked. 

“I believe that these “molecules of emotion” that Dr. Pert discovered are the  “subtle energy, prana or chi” that ancient healers have been referring to since 500 B.C.”


Think of a cell as a computer.  Information goes in, work comes out. On the surface of every cell are thousands of different receptors, each only responsive to a specific messenger. These chemical messengers are called ligands. Like a lock and key specific receptors only respond to their specific ligand which in turn elicits a specific response from the cell.

When a match is made the messenger is allowed to enter the cell through the receptor to deliver its message and cause the cell to work or change accordingly. Every system in the body works this way.  Including thought, the basis for memory storage and the immune system. The significance in this process lies in the fact that collective microscopic cell function can translate into big changes that effect the entire organism, including physical processes, behavior, emotional states and even memory.

Dr. Candace Pert catalogued and mapped these mechanisms, identifying a bi-directional network that spans every inch of the human body. She dubbed this network of receptors and ligands as “Molecules of emotion. And very interestingly, the receptor dense areas of the body, responsible for emotions, memory, cognition and the immune system match up identically with illustrations of the 7 major chakras.

Coincidence? I think not. I believe that these “molecules of emotion” that Dr. Pert discovered are the  “subtle energy, prana or chi” that ancient healers have been referring to since 500 B.C. With her paradigm shifting research she inadvertently confirmed ancient wisdoms that have been dismissed as superstitious nonsense by millions for thousands of years.

The hard evidences that she has provided has afforded modern society a proper appreciation of the inseparable influences the mind and body have over one another and further more that they are in fact one. Two indistinguishable halves of a single bi-directional network that is a living being.

Because of the bidirectional nature of this network, unconscious feelings can be brought into consciousness through intention. Meaning that the mind can heal the body. And the body can heal the mind through the power of intention. Intention is why people who have been told they will never walk again do. It’s also why those who believe themselves doomed are and why a sense of humor in the cancer ward goes farther then the chemo ever could.

This is such powerful stuff guys. As humans we can literally speak reality into existence! Think about that will you. And the next time you feel stuck, overwhelmed or run down know that you have the power to manifest your dreams.

Before I leave you a quick little exercise to illustrate my point.

Imagine for a moment biting into a wedge of lemon, freshly cut and dripping with citrusy goodness….

Did your mouth water? Or maybe you noticed that involuntary twinge at the back of your mouth just as if you had actually bitten into that imaginary lemon?

If so, can you see now how powerful intention is? Intention brought forth memory and memory elicited a physical response. Intention is so powerful! Just think, if you can intentionally make your salivary glands secrete what else might you be able to do through intention?

Achieving your highest potential isn’t about becoming something new but about discovering what you already are. 

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Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra (5th chakra)

Located at the throat, Vishuddha rules our communication and listening skills.  A balanced throat chakra allows us to communicate effectively while also allowing us to properly process and understand the information that we consume.  

We are constantly bombarded by information.  Whether it’s written, verbal or visual information, it’s hurtled at us from all directions. If we have a blockage of the throat chakra it can be hard to process information and then respond appropriately.

We can get confused about what is helpful and what is harmful. The consequences of not being able to distinguish the two can be dire. 

Only with a balanced 5th chakra are we able to sift through it all and see the truth both of ourselves and of others.  

For example,  the TRUTH is, that there is divine light within us all and we are all worthy of love.  However, who among us has doubted that at some point in their life?  I know I have.  Maybe someone told you you weren’t good enough, maybe you didn’t match up with what society said you should or should not be, or most harmful of all, you told yourself that you weren’t good enough.  

When out of balance we can’t see these falsities for the harmful lies they are.  We fall victim to false beliefs and the damage it does to our self esteem and our psyche can be devastating.
By processing emotions that have blocked the throat chakra we can see clearly and skillfully navigate through the lies and self doubt that may have been holding us back.  

If we know ourselves to be worthy and deserving of love and kindness then our reaction to hateful and harmful information will come from a place of love.  We will recognize and understand the lie, set it aside and move on. 

From this wisdom emerges a powerful freedom and responsibility. The knowledge that only we have the privilege of determining the state of our emotions.

With this knowledge we are no longer the victims of another’s cruel words but an empowered being. Our emotions and therefore our responses to them are entirely within our control. No one can take anything away from us that we do not wish to give. And to allow another to affect us is to give this power away.

Vishuddha is one of the most important energy centers in the body. The part it plays in our ability to communicate effectively and interact with the world is key in carrying out the work we are meant to do during this birth we have taken here on earth. Good, honest communication with everyone, including ourselves, helps build lasting, deep relationships. Conversely blocked energy from unresolved emotions at this chakra may prevent us from living a powerful & authentic life.

Symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra

  • Lack of self confidence
  • suffering from anxiety
  • difficulty expressing yourself clearly
  • physical maladies such as a recurrent sore throat
  • shoulder pain
  • hearing impairment
  • thyroid issues
  • dental problems
  • mouth ulcers or other ailments of the mouth, throat or neck.

Healing/balancing the throat chakra

  • Incorporate the color blue into your life such as blue clothing or accessories.
  • Wearing or using throat chakra stones like amazonite, turquoise or aquamarine to help balance and unlock the throat chakra
  • Working with the bija mantra to tap into healing currents of energy.
    • You can do this by chanting “ham” out loud.
  • Neck stretches or yoga poses that encourage an opening of the throat
  • Therapy or journaling to help process the unresolved emotions that are causing the blockage.

There are many ways in which to heal the throat chakra. By creating a mindful awareness & resolving past traumas you can discover yourself & find a deeper level of understanding than ever before. Don’t rush things. Appreciate healing for the journey that it is and allow yourself the time and space you need to blossom.

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.

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Anahata, the Heart Chakra

“There is nobility in compassion,  a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.”

-John Connolly- 
Anahata is the gateway between heaven and earth. 

The first three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) provide us with the ability to participate fully in the world we live in while the last three (throat, 3rd eye and crown) deal with our spiritual growth. 

The heart chakra acts as an intermediary between these two realms.

It is through our hearts that we feel the world.  When we do the work of the heart everyone benefits, ourselves included.
Love is a universal singular concept.  While it might seem as though there are many different types of love: romantic, familial, chocolate etc…

The truth of the matter is, that there is only one type of love. 

Real love is unconditional and is offered to all beings and things regardless of their relationship to us. 

Love is felt as compassion and expressed as kindness. 

Love is NOT supposed to hurt. Love does NOT hold you down or hold you back. “Love lifts us up where we belong”. (Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes) If I may be so bold, and it sets us free.

Anything else is just fear, insecurity and self loathing masquerading about, pretending to be love. And this can lead us to harm the ones we love as we attempt to cling to or possess the things we are afraid to loose.

We’ve all done it. Yes even you…

But remember to err is human and we all screw up sometimes.

So when you find yourself hurt and your heart chakra out of balance there is one thing above all that will allow you to heal.

And that is to FORGIVE.

Don’t misunderstand me. Forgiveness is not an act of weakness but an act of strength. It does not leave you vulnerable but shields you from further harm.

Forgiveness is not granted to the offender because they deserve it… but because you do.

“Love is felt as compassion and expressed as kindness.” 


You deserve to be free and only through love, unconditional love, can we be free. Harboring anger towards another gives them infinite license to do you harm. Anger is a prison, a vengeful master, that will flay you to the bone if you give it the power to.

Only through forgiveness is it possible to break free from such a prison.

Forgiveness is the key to healing and a balanced heart chakra .  Without forgiveness, compassion and kindness, the gate to our higher self will remain stubbornly closed and enlightenment out of our reach.

If love is unconditional then so too is forgiveness. There is no crime so grave or sin so great that it cannot be forgiven.

That may be hard to swallow, especially in the face some of the true evil that seems to roam this planet. But remember it isn’t for them it’s for you and the ones you love and admire. We forgive so that we might be free and find our highest selves.

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.

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It isn’t the dirty little three letter word we’ve been made to believe it is.  But instead, is the vehicle through which we present ourselves to the world. 

This portal to humanity can be found within the manipura chakra located at the level of the solar plexus and affects how we see ourselves and others.

Associated with sight, the ego seeks out new experiences and opportunities for us to interact with the world.

The ego is necessary in order for us to engage in and enjoy the life we were put here to live.  Without it, we are blind, dumb, and deaf to the outside world.  It’s a vital and important part of our existence here on earth. 

But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. While it’s the ego’s nature to seek, this seeking makes us susceptible to a comparison based mindset, which when left unchecked can result in the misconception of ourselves and others.

For one thing, the comparison of ourselves to others can lead to self abasement.  We see others as having more , doing more or being more and we start to incorrectly think of ourselves as less. 


“we start to incorrectly think of ourselves as less”.

This results in feelings of inadequacy, depression or even resentment and anger towards others. 

The damage this causes our ego prevents us from participating in life and denies others the gift of our presence.

In addition, if we compare ourselves to others by noting their faults, misgivings or shortcomings we run the risk of over inflating the ego. 

Egomania gives us a false sense of superiority.  It creates a dangerous disconnect, leaving us unable to appreciate or recognize the beauty, individuality and equality of others. 

We don’t want to be over powered or under powered but empowered. 

Living from a place of authenticity and empowerment allows us to participate in life fully and engage in our own story without sacrificing others in the process. 

A balanced 3rd chakra puts the human back into humanity, bridges the divide of our differences and establishes strong bonds of empathy with others. 

It allows us to correctly see others and ourselves for the wonderfully unique and special beings that we are.

Do you suffer from migraines, mood imbalance, or lack of motivation? Do you lack self-confidence or have low self-esteem? Do you have digestive disorders or pains in the stomach? If so here are some of the products I recommend to help balance the solar plexus chakra.

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.

How Do You See It?

There’s no arguing it. Albert Einstein was a pretty smart guy. (understatement of the century) But did you know that a major part of his creative process was meditation and his deep fascination with the seemingly ordinary?

He called them thought experiments. He would sit for hours mentally chasing beams of light or employing the movement of trains and flashes of lightning, in the case of his theory of relativity, fleshing out some of the greatest scientific principles man kind has ever seen.

He revolutionized physics. And whether he was aware of it at the time or not, (he called his cosmological constant his “greatest blunder” lol) his equations opened up possibilities in the universe as though he were a sorcerer conjuring spells.

While his work in physics took him places most could never even dream of it all started with a simple observation of a very ordinary object.

A compass.

While the rest of us were busy taking gravitational forces for granted he saw a phenomenon of inexplicable value. And it was this fascination of an ordinary everyday occurrence that led him to eventually make his most iconic discoveries, changing man kind and how we interact with the universe.

My question to you then is, what are some of the things you take for granted? And what might you be missing out on because of it? If you were to take a moment to sit with something simple and inquire deeply into it, what extraordinary phenomena might the ordinary reveal to you?

Look around you today, right now, and I’ll do the same. And let’s discover together the secrets of the universe.

A flower petal could change your life, were you able to truly understand its nature. See the wonder in all things and wonderful things will happen.

You’ll Never Have So Good A Teacher As Hardship

When you pray for patience, do you think God just hands you patience or does he present you with the opportunity to learn patience?

Life can be harsh but without pain we can never grow. If everything were perfect just the way it was then why would we ever strive for growth? Pain is your friend not your enemy and definitely not something to be avoided.

Big or small the solutions to life’s problems are the building blocks on which we rest the foundation of who we are. It’s not what has happened to us or the hardships we have encountered in life that block our success but our inability to recognize or learn what they have to teach us.

The goal shouldn’t be to avoid problems or create a problem free environment. A bubble will always burst, leaving you exposed and unprepared. Instead we must endeavor to seek and understand the wisdom an obstacle might have to offer in order grow and evolve as beings.

If you are struggling with something right now, no matter how big it is, pause for just a moment, take a step back and look at it from another vantage point. Try to see what it is you are supposed to be learning from the situation. And by identifying the lesson to be learned, you will be half way to it’s solution.

For example, maybe you are currently in over your head and there is no way you are going to survive this on your own. Rather then desperately trying to fix whatever it is that’s gone wrong, realize that maybe this problem is really a lesson in how to ask for help.

Can you see how in understanding the bigger issue the solution presents itself freely? By acknowledging its purpose and asking for the help needed to accomplish whatever the task may be, the problem is solved and you are free to move forward.

It’s also important to understand that failure is simply a matter of having not yet identified the true nature of an obstacle.

So don’t be discouraged by “failure”. Even failure is a success. Maybe you succeeded in doing something other then what you had set out to do, but still something was accomplished. Was it not? Even if it’s only eliminating alternately non-viable avenues to your intended goal.

A very famous example to illustrate my point is a newspaper article in reference to the development of the light bulb. A reporter asked Eddison, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” And Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Only because he understood this was it possible for him to successfully create what has been called; “the most important invention since man discovered fire”.

Every great man or woman has a similar story of perseverance and acknowledgment of the utility of failure. And because of this their successes were inevitable, just like yours will be if you are able to learn the lessons that life has to offer you.

Obstacles are entirely of our own design. It’s how you choose to see a situation or thing that makes it so.

Obstacle or opportunity the choice is up to you.


WHO wants to talk about SEX?!

Well, we will touch on that 😉 but the sacral chakra or svadhisthana is really about emotional balance and intimacy. 

Located below the navel and centering around the reproductive organs this chakra is the seat of creativity, truth and the understanding and acceptance of ourselves.

A balanced sacral chakra allows us to live presently, feel fully, understand those feelings and express our emotions freely without loosing control.

Signs that you might have a blocked sacral chakra can include:

  • detachment
  • isolation
  • anxiety
  • loneliness
  • low libido
  • lack of creativity

While signs of an overactive sacral chakra can include:

  • feelings of being consumed by your emotions
  • escapism as a means to avoid life
  • obsessive affection that isn’t returned
  • engaging in inappropriate expressions of sexuality

Sex plays a significant part in intimacy.  But as anyone who has had a one night stand knows, sex does not equal intimacy.

Intimacy can be difficult for those with a blocked sacral chakra. I think all of us at one time or another have felt the fear of opening up.  Why is that?  Is it because the sky will fall and the whole world will end in a storm of hell fire if we get hurt?  No.  People get hurt all the time and the earth still spins and most of the time… nobody dies. (lol)  Real intimacy is so difficult because opening up means showing yourself to another as well as yourself.  The greatest gift we can offer is the knowledge of self. 

A relationship can only be as deep and honest as we are with ourselves.  Intimacy necessitates great trust both in ourselves and our partner.  In order to be accepted by another we must first know and accept ourselves.  This is why we seem to find self growth most often in the light of intimate relationships. Our partner acts as a mirror reflecting ourselves back at us.  This mirror can allow us to see ourselves clearly and a strong presence of mind allows us to not blame the mirror for what we see if it is unfavorable.  


Reacting vs. responding is another clue that our sacral chakra might need a little love.

Emotions and our reactions to them may seem beyond our control.  But this isn’t the case.  Our emotional responses are the result of conditioned response.  Things that have happened to us in the past mold how we will respond to similar situations in the future.  Ever heard of the term “baggage” ? 
Since the brain is unable to distinguish between real or imagined events the emotional and physical responses that accompanied an initial encounter (like trauma) are experienced all over again every time we revisit them.  This repetitive rehashing of events cements a coupling of emotional response with that event.    And if left unchecked throws us out of balance and affects future relationships. 

A balanced sacral chakra allows us to respond to our present circumstances (whatever they are) freely without the hindrance of past influences.   We can put down the baggage, so to speak, and free ourselves.  This degree of separation allows us to live fully in the present, experience fully anything that comes our way (both good and bad) and then move on.  

Healing your sacral chakra

If you feel like your sacral chakra could use a little attention here are a few things you can do.

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.

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1st Chakra: Courage

In my last post we discussed the chakras in broad terms; wheels of energy where our inner channels cross. Now that we have a basic understanding of what they are in general and how they effect our well being, let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the individual properties of each chakra.

Starting with the root chakra or the Muladhara chakra. This 1st chakra lies at the base of the spine and is the main source of our sense of stability and security.   When life is out of control and our most fundamental needs aren’t being met a balanced root chakra allows us to stand firm in the face of adversity and weather the storm.  

A lack of balance in the root chakra can manifest itself as issues with the legs, feet and eliminatory organs.  The root chakra is our foundation and if it becomes compromised then our entire journey becomes unstable. 
Our yoga practice provides us with the opportunity to find the balance required for the strong foundation needed to carry us through this life.  Paying attention to our breath, rooting down through our limbs more firmly and addressing and reflecting on what our wants and needs are help to awaken the energy within the root chakra. 

Blocked energy of the root chakra can manifest itself in many ways, both physically and emotionally: Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression, Digestion and Elimination Problems and even musculoskeletal Problems. Help balance and heal with some of my top recommended products

This article is for informational purposes only. I am not a doctor nor do i diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness. Consult a physician regarding any health concerns you may have or before beginning any kind of regimen or treatment.

Meditation for Beginners

The Science of Chakras

Modern science is finally starting to catch up…

The body consists of numerous systems.  Most of us are familiar with many of them like the cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system and nervous system.  But what about the parts of us that lie outside of the physical realm?  Our energy? Our essence? Our soul? We can all feel it but until relatively recently modern science offered little to no insight, leaving us with only ancient eastern teachings, that for many, are hard to swallow.

Eastern philosophy defines this intangible system as a central main channel known as the sushumnah nadi running vertically from the sacrum to the top of the head.  And two smaller channels on either side called the pingala, on the right and the ida on the left which weave around the central channel at seven key places known as the chakras.  These nadi /energetic pathways act like the vascular system but instead of carrying blood cells they carry our life force or energy, known by yogis as Prana.  When we are out of balance at any of the seven principle chakras, where the right and left pathways cross the central channel, it restricts the flow of prana and hinders us, manifesting as stress, anxiety, aches and pains. 

The practice of yoga helps to de-kink and unclog these restricted points by finding balance in each of the chakras. Eastern philosophy says that the external physical work of yoga postures effects our inner channels, through which prana (our life force) and our thoughts travel.  The physical practice of yoga loosens up choke points in these inner channels, where they twine around each other and form the circular-shaped “wheels,” or chakras in tune with our emotions.   Through meditation and asanas we remove any blockages within these channels allowing ourselves to access the various chakras.  When energy can flow freely through our inner channels we can fully engage with all of these points and enlightenment is obtained.

For some this might sound ridiculous.  Vocabulary like prana, life force and inner channels sounds like a bunch of hokey bullshit.  Right?  Well let me sing you the same song to a different tune….

In her revolutionary research Dr. Candace Pert discovered the use of neuropeptides and their role in controlling the body’s  autonomic systems as well as memory creation and storage on the cellular level throughout the entire  body. 

She found that when emotions are blocked by stress, denial, trauma or repression it prevents the flow of neuropeptides and diminishes the autonomic processes that are regulated by them.  This results in any number of problems with blood pressure, digestion, immunity, behavior etc..  Thus, she demonstrated the significant role our feelings play in our health, as well as our behavioral response to sensory input.  A collapse in just a few simple feedback loops can upset the entire body and disrupt our health and behavior.

Now it may just be the coincidence of the millennia but when Dr. Pert mapped out the neuropeptide receptor dense areas along the spine responsible for receiving, storing and recalling emotions, it matched perfectly with those of the chakras and prana described by yoga masters for thousands of years. 

I, personally, don’t believe in coincidences. and instead see it as empirical evidence corroborating a story that until now we had only circumstantial evidence for.  Like detectives uncovering the smoking gun Dr. Pert has put forth the physical evidence corroborating “my clients story your honor”!  Whether you call it prana or neuropeptides emotions affect/ control our health and behavior!

Two different languages, one simple Truth.  The mind and body are parts of the same whole, each affecting the other in a symbiotic relationship.  A process, if cultivated, we can consciously impact.  Therefore…
Your health, well being and the ability to heal your body lies entirely within your control.

The Secret to Handling Stress

You want to know the secret to effectively handling stress?  The secret to handling stress is taking responsibility for ourselves. 

Or more specifically acknowledging that how we feel is a choice and taking it upon ourselves to see the positive.  

Now, I know a lot of people will say bad stuff happens and I can’t control how that makes me feel or act.  But the truth is that while you have no control over a specific event, say a natural disaster? You do have the power to decide how you will respond to it. And in that choice all the difference is made.

For those that live in the blame space; “they made me angry, there is never enough time, the earthquake ruined my life”. Their lives often seem out of control, scary or hopeless. They spend a lot of time overwhelmed and upset when faced with a challenge.

And it’s no surprise. Because when we place blame we give the person or circumstance control over our lives.  Blaming gives our power away but acknowledging our own part in the play takes that power back.

Only by taking responsibility for our feelings, our circumstances do we have any real control over our lives. Instead of blaming the clock for ticking and not getting our work in on time we can, for example, reevaluate our processes develop better time management and make our deadlines.

By taking responsibility, we become capable problem solvers and therefore when presented with a difficult situation can competently navigate our way to a solution rather then becoming overwhelmed and bogged down in negativity.

Taking responsibility allows us to take life in stride, handle our problems more easily and navigate life’s many challenges with confidence and grace.

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